Bouley At Home Review

Initially when I made my reservation at Bouley At Home, my expectations were very low after a dining experience at their head restaurant Bouley three years ago. Three years later and believing that everyone deserves a second chance, my parents and I decided to give Bouley at Home a shot. Rather than writing a full length NYT article about my entire dining experience, I decided to narrow down my main points I would share with anyone when it comes to a restaurant experience and the things I personally look at to help narrow down my search and decision on whether or not a particular restaurant fits the dining experience I would enjoy, so here we go:


What To Expect: It’s best that you have a great appetite as this restaurant primarily serves tasting menus with a 3-course or 7-course option. There are two dining areas: one in front of the chefs preparing your meal and the other which is just a sole dining area with a very vintage feel.

What My Overall Experience Was: The service was incredible and I felt the entire meal we were not left with any disappointment from as simple as their bread and palate cleansers to random surprises like a glass of wine. The food is very fresh and it’s a great restaurant to be at for any special occasion as the service is fantastic.

Will I Go Again: Absolutely. I had a fantastic experience dining there that I found myself there again by the end of the month. One thing I will say that is their menu doesn’t drastically change from week to week despite using fresh ingredients but it truly is the perfect spot to dine for any celebration.

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