5 Intentions for the Month of October


We’re finally entering to the last quarter of 2019 and it sounds a lot scarier in writing but in reality it feels a lot worse. Maybe from a personal level September was a bender whether it was a month of “letting go” in all ways from spending to eating unhealthy. Rather than writing 10 intentions that sound ideal but not executable, here are my five intentions to hit for the month of October:

  • Be mindful when it comes to spending. - Sometimes we confuse with what we need with want and rather than racking up items that fill a void or need, step back and decide whether or not its really necessary or it’s just an obsession that like all obsessions, the feeling always goes away.

  • It’s time to cut sugar out for the month. - As much as sweets taste good but too much sweet is never good especially when its processed sugars. This month I’m cutting back on sugar with one sweet treat a week because realistically, I can’t cut out Tiger Sugar.

  • Learn a new skill. - There’s a lot the web can offer you but most of the time we find ourselves surfing the web for the next trendy outfit or cool accessory. This month I’m planning on taking that power back by replacing that time learning something new.

  • Get enough sleep. - I don’t know how many times I’ve written that and it still remains a struggle on a day to day basis since. This month I plan on setting an alarm half an hour before bed to keep myself in check and on track to a good night’s sleep.

  • Manage time better. - Also another intention I’ve probably written before in the past. When it comes to work and downtime, it’s time maybe for once and admitting it’s an ongoing goal that this month of October it can be achievable.

What intentions do you have for the last quarter of the year?

Happi Yu