10 Necessary Hand-Carry Items When Traveling Abroad


There’s always the sense of wanting to overpack when traveling to a foreign country whether or not you’re going there for the first time or the fifth time especially when English is not a primary language. But as much as the basic toiletries can be found at a local supermarket especially at any top tourist destinations there are also a few items that you’ll need to carry especially when it comes to traveling on an airplane for 8 hours. And if you’ve been following me on the ‘gram, I thought now would be a great time to write about my top ten necessities that I packed and always pack for long distance trips:

  • Beauty Bag: Of course there are limitations when carrying beauty items on board due to travel guidelines but the basic tea tree oil is great after popping an annoying zit, cover ups are my must if god forbid a bag goes missing if you want to look nice, and a tide to go to make sure that coffee stain doesn’t stick on your favorite traveling attire.

  • Band Aids: As much as you can purchase that when you land, but it’s always good to carry some just in case any accidents may arise during your flight.

  • Headphones: There’s nothing worse than traveling abroad with no headphones to help ease any turbulence scarier you might get. Also please don’t be THAT person on a plane that just plays their favorite tv show out loud, I’m sure no one needs to know what your favorite show sounds like while they want to hurl from their airplane anxieties.

  • Laptop: If you can’t sleep or have to get work done, it’s also best to carry your laptop just in case to cure your boredom on the plane. Also it’s best to carry your laptop in your bag so it’s handled with care.

  • Portable Chargers + Wires: Running on 5% is not fun especially when you’re sitting in economy and there aren’t any outlets in your section. One of my favorite portable chargers Anker is one of the best that you can definitely use on a daily basis if you’re a working person or just never able to sit near an outlet for an hour and a half.

  • CBD Roll-On: I’m still new to the CBD culture but when I tried this roll-on, it has absolutely changed my life with calming headaches before they turned into migraines.

  • Kindle: And if you’re trying to unplug on your vacation, a kindle always comes in handy especially when it comes to saving space in your carry-on for souvenirs,

  • Notebook: If you’re someone like me who finds random thoughts appearing out of the blue when you least expect it, it’s always great to carry a notebook to make sure you have that idea jotted down. It’s also great to help pass time if you have a seat mate either playing games like tic tac toe.

  • Sunglasses: Sometimes you have to strut like you mean it, free your mind. Remember that reference? I think it’s beyond necessary to carry sunglasses especially when you’re deplaning after a night flight into the morning.

  • Pair of Underwear: You never know what can happen between your flight to your destination so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What else do you find is necessary to pack in your carry-on? Comment below what you think is a must to carry.

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