5 Intentions for the Month of August


Sometimes I consider August as the saddest month of the year only because when this month usually arrives, we’re already halfway through summer. But not letting what month it now dictates the mood of the month, I decided to write out five intentions for the month of August that I hope will stick. Here are five intentions for the month of August:

  • Spend more time outside. Especially living in the Northeast, there are only a few months of summer and the rest of the year is pretty much a global warming mess of one day being super cold in mid-January or a Spring-like day in February.

  • Be more present. Especially when I'm spending time with my loved ones and friends. There’s nothing else more important than being who with you love than keeping tabs with the world during moments you can never get back.

  • Balance and manage time better. I am a terrible culprit when it comes to terrible time management outside of work. One minute I’m writing a blog post, the next minute I’m surfing online for the next flash sale. Hopefully this month I can get this nipped in the bud and on track to being more productive and laser-focused.

  • Manage money better. As much as it is the summertime so it is inevitable when expenses are all over the place. But this month, I hope I can truly get a handle over it when it comes to making sure that my purchases are not impulse buys and are necessary, long-term items I’ll need for the future.

  • Get enough sleep. Somehow this is still something to get under my belt whether I think that I need to watch every show that’s recorded on my DVR or just choosing to clean things very last-minute. Hopefully sticking to a night routine will do the trick.

Do you have any intentions for the month of August? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments :).

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