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What You Need to Know About My Month-Long Activia Challenge

Activia Challenge

What is the Activia Challenge?: The Activia Challenge is essentially committing to enjoy two cups of Activia for 14 days. But for me, rather than taking 14 days, I decided to do a full month after seeing positive results.

What You Need to Know Before Attempting: I think it’s important to point out what body type I am before anyone goes in thinking that this challenge can work for everyone because not all bodies are born the same meaning we all are born with different allergies and it’s important to know that my main goal taking on this challenge was to help improve my acne and I personally don’t have any allergies other than occasional rosacea and eczema flare ups.

What Were the Results?: Although the challenge is initially made for 14 days, I decided to extend the challenge to a full month. The results were astounding in a sense that during the duration of my challenge, I did not see any major acne breakouts especially since I had Indian food which usually leads to a bump or two the next day after my meal. I will say I have had one or two mini acne spots but nothing major like I used to have before taking on this challenge.

Would I Recommend this to Anyone?: I would if you are someone who can handle dairy products and is on the same boat as me when it comes to terrible acne flare ups especially if you also have sensitive skin. One thing I realized why I took this challenge was because my face would already deal with a variety of things from eczema to acne that the last thing I wanted was to have eczema trigger acne or acne trigger eczema so it’s definitely worth giving it a shot if you are on the same boat as I am.

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