Tiger Sugar USA Review

The day I never thought would come has finally arrived! Tiger Sugar has landed in the U S of A. And if you haven’t been following me on Instagram, from my constant stories about this place I’ve been obsessed with this place ever since I’ve tried Tiger Sugar in Hong Kong. And I’m so thankful that I scored an invite to their first USA location the day before their grand opening and here are my thoughts on how this store fares from their Hong Kong store.

Tiger Sugar NYC

If you’re a bubble tea lover and especially a milk tea lover, you will truly be blown away by how great this drink tastes. It’s a delicious balance of milk, cream, and brown sugar gives off a harmonic taste with their boba (sizes available with just regular sized or minis or a mix of both) tastes absolutely phenomenal. It may seem crazy to wait in line for thirty minutes for bubble tea but it’s a place that’s truly worth the wait and the travel to Flushing, Queens.

Have you tried Tiger Sugar before? Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on what will be the hottest place in Flushing, Queens.