May in Review: Food Finds + Favorites

May has come and gone and we’ve officially launched into full summer mode. But before diving into what’s to come for me for this Summer, I wanted to devote my last post of the month to what has happened from food finds and favorite items I’ve found this month of May that I think you guys may find useful from where to eat or what you’d like to add to your collection of purchases.

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First things first, it only makes sense that I kick off my roundup with my favorite places I’ve discovered that’s worth every penny to try:

  • Tiger Sugar NYC - I was truly blessed to be given the opportunity to visit their shop before their official grand opening and now the lines are up to 2 hours long and a 4 drink cap purchase. And although it’s a drink you can literally inhale in 2 minutes, it’s truly everything you hear about this place and more.

  • Alimama- I’ve tried Alimama in the past and I was like eh it’s okay but now I’m officially hooked after getting my hands on their Milk Tea Mini Bubble Cream Puff. Imagine having a pastry that’s just the right amount of sweetness filled with absolute pure joy. Also, have you tried their mochi munchkins? They’re out of this world.

With everyone having a sale this Memorial Day Weekend, the last thing I should’ve done that I decided to do first was shop till my bank account told me to stop and here are a few things I got that are fit for anyone who loves a good motto and is an organization freak like me:

  • It Really Be Like That Sometimes Sticker from @HaveANiceDayy - I have been obsessed with everything this artist does and especially with where I’m at in life, this is absolutely the cutest sticker and a great reminder in life that sometimes life is the way that it is and all we can do is embrace it.

  • Printable Daily Planner Day Planner by DotDotTrace - One of the new things I’ve been obsessed with is maximizing my time with using my time wisely and it began with this purchase from DotDotTrace. This daily printable keeps me accountable from what I eat to what I spend and is the cutest printable to fill out on a daily basis.

  • Custom iPhone Case - Aside from motto’s, I’m also a huge fan of phone cases and any purchase I can custom with my name on it. This was one of my favorite purchases thus far when it comes to a phone cases because it’s durable while also self-promoting my Instagram handle, which if you don’t already follow my Instagram, please follow by clicking here.

What did you find in the month of May that you liked food wise and purchase wise? Let me know in the comments below!

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