June + Summer Intentions

One of my favorite things to do now thanks to Brittany is writing out monthly intentions and although it is the second week of June, there’s always time to write down your intentions to keep yourself in check for the month to help better yourself throughout the month especially in my case: my birthday month. Here are five of my intentions + summer intentions all in one:

  1. Be more present. Enjoy your surroundings and be in the moment with whomever I’m with.

  2. Eat more healthier — it’s not only just good for the body but good for the soul.

  3. Manage my time wisely — stay productive but take 5 minute breaks in between the hour to increase productivity.

  4. Get more sleep — as much as it’s important to enjoy as much of summer is possible, it’s also important to refuel as well.

  5. Make it a yes summer — or at least be open minded to all experiences like doing anything that isn’t in your usual routine/be more adventurous.

What intentions do you have for the month of June and for the summer?