Milk Tea Mini Bubbles Cream Puff - Alimama NYC Review

inside Alimama hangs a neon sign reading “more than wholesome” that serves a variety of teas and sweet treats from cram puffs to mochi. After constantly walking around Chinatown and noticing their new sign outside their door introducing their milk tea mini bubbles cream puff, I couldn’t resist noticing that it had mini bubbles aka tapioca that I had to get my hands on this dessert. After getting my hands on this sweet treat I had to give my two cents on what could be the best next way to enjoy tapioca other than in a drinkable form.

Alimama-Mini Boba Cream Puff.JPG

I don’t know if it’s because of the tapioca, the custard or how light the puff tasted, but it was absolutely delicious. I’m not really a puff pastry person or someone who likes baked goods other than a warm chocolate cookie, but I would go back again and again for more of this puff. Despite the size it may look through Instagram, this puff is tastes far from heavy that leaves you with almost what feels like an empty stomach. And while you’re there, I definitely would also give their cold brew a try. I haven’t had coffee for about a month other than that one S’mores Frappuccino, and it was worth it.