S’Mores Frappuccino - Review

It’s that time of year again when the weather outside starts to feel warmer and Starbucks decides to change up their menu again by bringing back my old favorite: S’Mores Frappuccino. This drink is probably one of my favorite Frappuccino drinks to drink because it brings summer to my mouth and the idea that you can still enjoy a good s’mores without having to fire up the grill. And because I love writing reviews, I decided to write one this week for anyone who still hasn’t tried this Frappuccino why you should now.


As I’ve said before, out of all their Frappuccinos, this is by far, my favorite Frappuccino. It’s definitely not for anyone who doesn’t like anything that’s WAY too sweet and for anyone who well, doesn’t like Starbucks. The best way to describe this Frappuccino is that it’s summer in a cup by how this drink is concocted. Topped with marshmallow whipped cream and graham cracker crumble, this blended Frappuccino brings you s’mores in a cup without the need to start a campfire.

FoodHappi Yu