5 Ways to Get Through Cystic Acne As An Adult

If you’ve ever met me in person or have known me for a while, my skin is never calm. Ever since I was in middle school, I had acne and since then to this day, I still suffer with acne but on adult-level with cystic acne. And for someone who has had acne for most of their adult life so far, it’s hard not to feel self-conscious when you know others who also have acne have the ability to cover it up with makeup while you have a form that can become more damaging to cover up.

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Though as the years have gone by, there’s only so much I can do personally to not feel self-conscious and instead have found 5 ways that have helped speed up the process to during cystic acne attacks:

  • Hydrate - Drinking tons of water helps not only get all the toxins in your body but also keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

  • Lay Off Coffee and Alcohol - During my cystic acne phase, I found times when I drank coffee and alcohol actually ended up delaying my recovery time.

  • Get your good night’s sleep - As much as it gets harder as an adult to get a good night’s sleep but it’s important to at least attempt to sleep and have your eyes closed during sleeping hours to trick your body that you are trying to relax which is part of sleeping.

  • Eat well - If you’re someone who can’t eat deep-fried foods because it causes acne, eat in moderation. Because as ambitious as we can feel at times to cut certain things cold turkey, it’s also not realistic.

  • Learn to embrace it - Cystic Acne can never fully go away unless you stick to a strict diet, but if you’re someone who likes to enjoy all types of food, eat in moderation and if cystic acne decides to appear once every retrograde, learn to embrace it because stressing over it, won’t make it any better.

Do you suffer cystic acne as well? Comment below with your tips and tricks to going through it.

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