5 Tips to Get Through Shedding Season

When March arrives and especially when Spring arrives, we all start panicking. The gym starts getting packed and the streets become filled with joggers and it all means one thing: shedding season. As much as we hope that two days at the gym can cancel out all our calories, it doesn’t. While I’m on the same boat as some of you may feel about shedding season, here are five small changes that I found are making a big difference through shedding season:

  • Drinking Less Coffee - Coffee itself like an americano may not hold a lot of calories but think about the calories that start adding up once you start drinking three cups a day with cream and sugar. Drinking less coffee not only can help save your wallet if you’re someone like me who thinks the only way to function is a specialty coffee, but it can also help your skin glow and mentally feel stronger by being less dependent on something when you rely on coffee solely for energy.

  • Drinking More Water - For anyone who is trying to diet or what I like to do is “portion control,” one helpful tip with that is having a glass of water before every meal. If you’re like me who’s just starting out with drinking a lot more water, after a certain period, water can make you feel really full. So having a glass right before every meal can help solve your urges from filling up your plate until it’s packed.

  • Working Out At Least 30 mins per day - Getting in at least 30 minutes per day can make a difference not necessarily life-changing weight differences, but help with digestion and strength. One of the things I’ve found with not working out for three days that by the fourth day, my stomach becomes too stuffed to function that I need those 30 minutes daily to make a positive change for my digestion. It also produces serotonin which is also known as a happy chemical that helps boost your mood for the better.

  • Get yourself a sleep schedule and stay consistent with it- One of the biggest issues I had with not sleeping at a regular time was weight gain, mood swings, and the urge to drink coffee. Once I got back on track, I was able to tell my brain that I no longer needed to be dependent on coffee and I’ve seen changes through eating habits with keeping up with my Z’zz.

  • Lifesum App - This app can help in so many ways like helping plan out the meals that will keep you on track to where you want to be by June. It’s a great app to keep you accountable and helps with making sure you’re on the right track when it comes to staying healthy and staying focused on your end goal.

What else has helped you through shedding season? Comment down below.

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