What I Learned From A Coffee-Free February

Throughout the month of January, I noticed multiple people attempted to try the month-long challenge: Dry January.  And if you haven't introduced to this idea two months ago, Dry January is a challenge set forth to attempt not drinking any alcohol for one month mostly because of the amount of alcohol consumed during the holiday season. And as much as I could attempt with others on the path of doing a Dry January, I found my biggest addiction was coffee.

Even when I wasn’t extremely tired, I felt that I always needed to have a sip of coffee daily just to help get me through the day and that included either spending more money on coffee from a coffee shop as opposed to making my own at home or at work. And despite the difficulty it felt throughout the month of February, I’m writing this on March 1st to say I made it out alive and I’m glad that I did it because of what happened on the other side with completing this.

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  • I learned that you don’t have to be dependent on something for energy. As much as coffee is a great booster at times when you don’t have enough sleep multiple nights in a row, it becomes a habit that in the long run, you’ll only need more of it as your life goes on and it’s never good to intake so much of one thing for your body ever.

  • There are a lot of healthy substitutes to help ease the urge. Just as much as a smoker tries to lean off smoking with patches, I used tea to help substitute coffee. One of the greatest things growing up in a Cantonese family is that tea has always been part of our daily lunches and has shown numerous benefits from digestion to truly keeping the body warm as opposed to coffee that doesn’t serve the same reason you’d think it serves despite the option served hot.

  • Without coffee your body does go through changes, for the better. The biggest thing for me I noticed at least is that my skin didn’t look as dull as it did with my constant intake with coffee and instead it did have a glow that people mentioned seeing in my skin that wasn’t seen before. And aside with that glow, I noticed that my skin was reacting a lot quicker to face creams I needed for my skin to improve than when I had coffee on an almost daily basis.

  • A habit is truly developed in 28 days. In the beginning of the process, it was almost as easy to cave in to drink coffee because it was a habit. But over time, after searching for substitutes like water and tea, I was able to go into a coffee shop 2 days before the end of February to get a whiff of coffee to only restrain myself and a hot chocolate.

I would suggest anyone who is hesitating to do this to truly give it a try because even as small as this challenge may seem to some, it can teach you a lot about the capabilities your body and mind can have on you. Let me know in the comments below if this is something you’d do, have done or what other challenges you’ve done that has changed your body in both positive and negative ways.

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